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Access Control - Wireless

Here is a sample of our most popular wireless access control units. All units come with a one year warranty

Keyscan K-RX Wireless Receiver

  • Combines the convenience of a long range radio frequency fob with an onboard proximity chip for use at proximity HID 125kHz (K-TX) or INDALA (K-INTX) readers .
  • Receiver is enclosed in a weather resistant NEMA enclosure and is suitable for exterior installation.
  • Ideal for security access control applications such as securing garage or gate entries and/or exits.
  • Receiver provides two hardwired 36bit Keyscan secure Wiegand outputs for connection to Keyscan’s family of access control units (ACUs). Two Wiegand outputs provide an ideal solution for multiple gate control using a single receiver.
  • Transmitters offer four-buttons conveniently designed to support multiple gate and multiple receiver installations.
  • Receiver offers and innovative RF sensitivity and range control. Range may be adjusted from 12" (0.3m) to a factory defaulted maximum of 150' (45.7m).
  • RF operation uses an ultra high 433Mhz Frequency.
  • Employs a rolling 40 bit code combined with a 256 bit key for encrypted anti-sniffing and anti-playback protection.
  • Rugged long life transmitters tested to over 35,000 button presses.

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