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Here is a sample of our most popular card readers. All card readers come with a one year warranty

L-1 Identity Solutions - Bioscrypt V-Prox

Two-factor authentication combining fingerprint and proximity cards. Eliminate any concerns about stolen, loaned or compromised proximity cards. Match an employee's fingerprint with an enrolled template that is linked to a proximity card in order to confirm the identity of the card holder.
  • Two-factor authentication – Who You Are (biometric) used with What You Have (card)
  • Duress finger option
    Self-Contained User Base
  • Store ~4,000 templates for 1:1 verification
  • Built-in compatibility with integrated HID proximity card reader

L-1 Identity Solutions - Bioscrypt V-Smart

Two-factor authentication combining fingerprint and contactless smart cards. Meet compliance regulations requiring strong authentication when you verify employee identities with L-1's fingerprint reader solution with two-factor authentication. Give employees the security – and peace of mind – of carrying their fingerprint templates with them.
  • Two-factor authentication – Who You Are (biometric) used with What You Have (card)
  • Address privacy concerns by giving users the ability to control their own biometric templates
  • Duress finger option
Unlimited User Base
  • On-card template storage provides limitless user base expansion
  • Supports MIFARE® or iCLASS™ contactless smart card

L-1 Identity Solutions - Bioscrypt V-Pass FX

Single-factor fingerprint authentication. Experience the ultimate in convenience. Eliminate the need for PINs, proximity cards and smart cards to gain access to secure areas. Reduce administrative and human resource costs while quickly providing employees access to restricted areas — it is as simple as the touch of a finger.
  • Single-factor 1:N identification using just your finger
  • Two-factor 1:1 verification when used with an external Wiegand reader
  • Capable of authenticating users in under one second
  • Duress finger option
  • Store ~4,000 templates for 1:1 verification or ~500 templates for 1:N identification
  • Plug-and-play installation

L-1 Identity Solutions - Bioscrypt V-Enclosure

Outdoor enclosure for L-1 fingerprint readers.
Protect your L-1 fingerprint reader from extreme weather conditions with the V-Enclosure. The enclosure is available with a solid front panel or transparent window front covering to provide two different aesthetics to protect your reader from heat, cold, rain and blowing sand or dirt.
Durable Construction
  • Fiberglass construction protects the reader from heat, cold, rain and blowing sand or dirt
  • Transparent front window for easy visibility of reader inside or solid front option available
Heating Option
  • Broad temperature operating range from 32° – 140°F (0° – 60°C)
  • Heater option available to keep reader at ambient temperature of approximately 75°F (24°C)

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