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Retinal and Facial Readers

Here is a sample of our most popular retinal and facial readers. All readers come with a one year warranty

L-1 Identity Solutions - 3D FastPass Face Reader

Access Control Made Fast, Eortless and Secure

Provide employees with lightning-speed access to your oces and restricted areas.

L-1 3D face reader solutions and the 3D FastPass increase security while maintaining high throughput for access into buildings, making the process eortless for employees. You can have the peace of mind of knowing only authorized personnel can access restricted areas containing vulnerable computer equipment and condential documents.

Superior Matching Engine
• Authenticate users in under a second
• Dierentiate between identical twins
• Accurate matching using 40,000 data points

Multi-Factor Authentication
• Ability to work with cards, PINs and
biometrics for the ideal balance between
convenience and security

User Friendly
• Hands-free access for the ultimate in
• 4-inch color LCD screen to aid in user
• Customizable voice prompts

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