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Perimeter Controls

Here is a sample of our most popular perimeter controls. All perimeter controls come with a one year warranty

Protech PIRAMID XL2 Series

The XL2 version of PIRAMID provides reliable outdoor "volumetric" protection under even the most severe environmental conditions.

PIRAMID X2L models SDI-76XL2 and SDI-77XL2 are dual technology sensors combining PROTECH'S proprietary STEREO DOPPLER MICROWAVE Technology with a dual element Passive Infrared sensor. The independent sensor modules are "And Gated" and must activate simultaneously to create an overall sensor alarm.

The PIRAMID XL2 sensors have a very broad application range. The key to their success is the unique, dual-channel Stereo Doppler Microwave Detector and its ability to ignore randomly moving objects. The capability to field adjust the distance a target must move to create an alarm, enhances the sensor's adaptability to most environmental situations.

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